Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall 2010

Last Sunday PM October 10th was our last real gig for the season which was a hour long set on a small stage in the Roanoke Mt Campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Roanoke Virginia. We performed as a duo as we have done at this location for the past 4 years in October. It was at the end of a beautiful Fall day so there was a big crowd present with lawn chairs positioned for a mini-concert. Like a house concert we used no microphones and simply stood while we played to project our vocals better to those in the back of the crowd. One reason we especially like this gig is that folks really come to listen and see to really enjoy the music. There is always someone in the crowd we discover who has a link to a person or family whose music we are familiar with.
One year there was a relative of the awesome old-time musician Hobart Smith who was from Saltville, Va. Another year there was someone related to the musical Kimble family of Laurel Fork, Va. whose music we revere from our home area in the Blue Ridge. This year there was renown banjo picker Gene Parker who had toured and played with the local Franklin County bluegrass band, The Lost & Found. So we always feel great after doing our performance for people who have such a love and connection for the music and its traditions. So at home we are hard at work to get our place ready for anyone who may find us through the "Round the Mountain" program which features our home and crafts. We hope to have a nice website for anyone to visit and find out more about us as artist and farmers which is what we do more for a living than music. So keep checking us out here and we'll mention it prominently when we have a better website that will encompass our music, banjo making, cabinetry, artwork and gardens. 2011 should be a big year for us here at home.

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