Monday, March 12, 2007

Welcome to Mac and Jenny Traynham's new site

Hello Spring is close and we do appreciate you stopping by. Here you can find out more about us and our music as it is happening now as well as in the Past (See our Biography) and in the Future (see our calendar) This blog will serve us as kind of a musical newsletter with new post relaying current info on our latest happenings. Your comments are welcome too so stay tuned and check things out often.

Ever since the release in 2005 of Mac's oldtime mountain music CD entitled "I'm Going That Way" we have become more active performing in many venues near our home in Floyd County, Virginia. However, we are looking to take our music to a different level with the re-release on CD of two of our past recordings of duets of early country and gospel music .

One was a 1986 LP previously released on the Heritage label but soon to be available as Southern Mountain Melodies 107 entitled 'When The Roses Bloom in Dixieland'. The other was previously released by us as a cassette only but is also soon to be available as SMM 207 entitled 'The Sweetest Way Home'.

We are putting on the finishing touches to the 6 panel inserts that feature extensive liner notes about our style of music and about the source of each song. Interesting art work and photography will adorn each project so that if you already own the original release in LP or cassette you'll find the original packages pale in comparison to the updated ones.

The music itself has been digitally remastered to sound technically better than ever in the updated CD format. Check back for the latest in release date and ordering info. We will have certain songs available here for you to sample if you like. Also if you prefer digital downloads of our songs, that should be possible after we've worked out the details with certain distributors.

We are also starting to prep for a new project to begin this Spring and completed soon as possible.

So Check it all out now and comeback later to see the latest improvements, photos, song clips, and performance schedule.

Mac and Jenny

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring forward

Spring Forward is in the air. Thanks for checking in. Progress is being made on the music front slowly but surely.

We are into many things that distract our attention like everyday making a living. Mac has an active woodworking
business and Jenny is a part-time home health nurse as well as a fledging greenhouse business.

We plan to include info about these in side pages when we get the info and photos organized. For now we are focused on springing forward no matter how long it takes. We hope you are too.