Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'Turkey in the Mountain' now in season

I am proud to let folks know about the availabilty (for sale) of a new  CD collection of banjo/fiddle duets featuring the tasteful  and very oldtime fiddling of Shay Garriock formerly of the NRV (New River Valley). I contributed banjo (clawhammer and OT picking), fiddle (one number) and vocals.  Jenny Traynham added her tasteful back-up guitar to a few numbers for contrast, comparison and variety.   We were  honored recently by playing some tunes from this CD on the traditional stage at the 22nd Merlefest celebration.  The CD is entitled "Turkey in the Mountain' on my Southern Mountain Melodies label. ( # SMM - 2009)

   As many of you know,  Shay and I have been into collecting and playing tunes primarily from Southwest Virginia sources since the mid 80's.  We were fortunate enough to meet and visit many older folks  who still played in their community as well as in their homes.  Several had already been recognized by the many folklorist who had previously scoured the region for 'authentic' players while others were not.   This collection is a tribute to those from whom we  'caught'  some really 'cool'  tunes and certain  techniques for playing them.  I suppose being around a lot of great old-time flatfooters  at the Sunday PM  Mabry Mill jams on the BR Parkway in our beginning stages (1970's and 80's)  had an influence on our sound as well.  My buddy Paul Brown (of NPR and banjo fame)  was kind enough to write some liner notes for us.    For each tune or song, we provided a tid-bit of info on the tune sources and the tunings we used (in case you are a player/listener).  We hope we will have done our part to send these tunes into the future with regard to the way they were played in the past.  Bottom line is we think you'll enjoy what you hear! 

We did not just do a cheap recording on a mini-disc recording device.  All these tracks were  professionally recorded & mastered at Mountain Fever studios near my home in Floyd County.  The graphics on the digi-pak are first class  and very attractive. No more cheap jewel cases.  For those who do only downloads  we'll be working to get the entire collection available through CD Baby or through our website in coming weeks.  

For more information on how to get a copy sent to you  check out our website    We will also be sending out our postcard announcement to those whose mailing addresses we have.  (We really need to break even on this.)

Shay and I  plan to have a CD release party at the MT Airy fiddlers convention on Sat. June 6th at 4 PM just outside the driveway/entrance in the area to the left as you are walking out.  Come sample some of our ice cold freestone spring water from our source in Floyd County.  It will help beat the heat if its like last year.  There's be other  free goodies as well.  

Thanks for your attention,