Saturday, April 7, 2007

Reissue CD's now in production

Things have finally come together and our 2 former recordings are on their way to becoming available in the CD format as well as digitally. We should have them available directly from us by the end of April. They will also be available in digital as well as CD formats in May from a national distribution service known as CD Baby.

Of course as with all art and artist you would be helping and supporting the artist/musician more by dealing directly with the artist/ musician not a 'middle man'. So it is with us. If you are interested in purchasing either or both of our re-released recordings on CD then check out the appropriate section of this blog to see what the deal is. We are offering a discount for the purchase of 2 or more since this music has been around for over 20 years but in outdated formats.

If you have never heard us before but are interested then please check out the sound clips to get an idea of our style and sound. As far as back-up style goes we pretty much stayed with the two guitar format in the old days. Sometimes we featured a harmonica ( SMM-203 track 8 "The Old Folks at Home" and track 13 "Sweet Fern") and a mandolin (SMM-202 track 5 "When you and I Were Young Maggie" and track 12 "Are you Tired of Me Darling"). There are also clips from Mac's current 26 track release that feature more banjo with solo vocals and fiddle tunes along with some of our duets recorded in 2004.

As of March we have begun recording again at Mountain Fever Studios here in Willis area of Floyd County. We have already gotten several of our songs from our extensive old-time and gospel repertoire 'in the can'. We don't have a time table set for completion just yet. We hope to include several numbers with banjo and fiddle and even a third voice from a friend for a trio sound.

With Spring chores upon us on the farm as well as other time consuming things to make a living (like our jobs ie. Mac- cabinetry business and Jenny -Home Health nurse) we have to take our time with our music preservation. As you can tell from the calendar we get plenty of playing in as well. With these two projects soon to be in hand, hopefully, we can with your help reach the break-even point soon in our venture to put our music back out in the market place. We intend to use future returns to fund more projects to help keep the old songs alive and well and to present them to folks who have never heard them. Check back here often for more about the progress of our new endeavor.

Don't forget to come out and support all live music not just ours. Thanks for stopping by.