Sunday, May 11, 2008

Down to the Wire

By this time next week we'll be in the air returning from our 'Gig of the Year'  known as The Bluff Country Gathering  located in Minnesota.  It is put on by the professional husband and wife duo Bob Bovee and Gail Heil who we have heard of for years.  They were kind enough to invite us to come be a part of their annual 4 day music camp.  We'll be part of a staff of 10 or so musicians from the national old-time music scene  teaching the student participants the details of our particular kind of old-time music.  There will be lots of jamming, song swapping, dancing and even a concert for the general public.  We are very fortunate.  
In spite of my Mom's recent passing,  we have been working as diligently as we can to get our 'new' CD printed so we can have them on hand for the event.  As I mentioned before, we are calling it 'Never Grow Old' not 'Ragged But Right'.   We will officially 'release' it there in Minnesota when we open our suit case.  Something so 'hot' of the press from the Mountain Fever studios printing facility will definitely be  needing air by the time we get there. 
Hopefully, we won't have any left to bring back.
  We will be announcing it's release through the New River Old Time (nrot) list serve and on a newly created 'my space' page.  Check out myspace/macandjennytraynham  for sound clips and photos. Thanks to Chris Gowin of WSVS-AM radio in Crewe Virginia for suggesting we do this.  We'll upgrade it as we get time
to make develop it into a site much like this one but with a higher profile to the music world.   So please check it out too.  There'll be info about how to order the new CD if so you are interested or you can find that info further down on this site.  We hope to add more
to this site as well.

Thanks for coming back and let us know who you are and where you are from.

We appreciate all your support. 

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happimamma said...

With much pleasure I listen to your music on Back to the Blue Ridge and various recordings I've purchased over the years. I have so many wonderful memories from the Wooden Tent to the brick house at Easter Creek, and all the old time music and dance in and around Floyd County. I can't see a poppy without thinking of the Poppy House in Cburg. Sorry to hear about your mom. All the best, j. griffin